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These links were selected with great care in an attempt to bring to your attention some of the finest web sites available on the WWW. The include a wide variety of subjects in Astronomy, Mathematics and Physics, etc. The sites listed here are a small subset of those reviewed because of the high standards set by the reviewer(s). We welcome your comments.


Comets and Meteors
One of the most impressive, and comprehensive, comet and meteor sites on the WWW. This site is sponsored by the American Meteor Society and includes a wealth of data, information and images.

Messier catalog
This is an amazing source of information on Messier and Messier objects. In addition to a catalogs of Messier objects, there is a wealth of deep space imagery and historical information.

Planetary Views
A solar system simulator, a NASA/JPL/Caltech spyglass on the
cosmos. You set all of the parameters and it produces a beautiful image.

Radio Astronomy
Society of Amateur Radio Astronomy (SARA)

Stellar Spectra
Extensive catalogs and references of digitized stellar spectra.


Cellular Automata
1-D and 2-D Cellular Automata Images and software.This site is devoted to Cellular Automata, one of the most intriguing and admirable aspects of mathematics. Check out the freeware program, MCELL, downloadable from this site. This program sets new standards in the field and was obviously crafted by a uniquely talented developer (Mirek Wojtowicz).

                             Mechanical Engineering
Interesting photographs and "movie" files of Honda's bipedal robots.

Sandia National Laboratories' Intelligent Micromachine Initiative. Photomicrographs of gear chains, rotary locking devices, mirrors, etc.

Chaos - Tutorial
This an excellent site for those interested in Chaos. In addition to substantial detail, interactive graphics allow the user to develop a strong intuitive understanding of the basic aspects of Chaos.

Color Spectra
Amazing color spectra of gas discharges. Simply one of the finest Physics web sites on the WWW.

Non-Linear Dynamics$root.htm
An importnant website for ayone interested in chaos and both theroretical and experimental non-linear dynamics.

Molecular Modeling
Hundreds of examples of full color photomicrographs (photographs taken through a microscope). Java animations provided. Microscopy tutorial and hundreds of microscopy links. Also includes a microscopy museum.

Scientific Workplace
Scientific WorkPlace is the convergence of state-of-the-art word processing and the MapleŽ computer algebra system. This tool is rapidly emerging as a worldwide standard. It is a must for anyone preparing scientific and/or technical documents. One need not know TEX to use it, but, TEX users simply love it.

There are also a number of Amateur Science Sites worthy of your attention, e.g.,


Amateur Astronomy - CCD
This site is an important one for anyone interested in CCD technology and its applications in Amateur Astronomy.

Amateur Astronomy - Goldilocks, Gravitational Lens Effect, and more.
Don't fooled by the modest homepage. There is a wealth of interesting and important material on this unique web site. You'll find yourself spending a lot of time there and you'll have a rich and rewarding experience.

Astro-Photography - Beautiful images, tutorial articles

Unquestionably one of the best, if not the best, web sites for astro- photography, on the WWW. In additional to some of the most beautiful photographs you'll find anywhere, the author provides an extremely rich set of articles on astro-photography and a wealth of links. Be prepared to spend some time at this site. If you are interested in astro-
photography this is a "must-visit" site. You will simply be amazed at what you find. Jerry Lodriguss has made an artform of astro-photography.

Astro-Photography - Beautiful images, tutorial articles
Some of the best moon photos on the WWW. Also includes a mini- tutorial on astro-photography. Images captured with Astro-Physics 6-inch EDF refractor.

Astro-Spectroscopy - Beautiful images, professional quality research.
The work presented at this site sets new standards for amateur spectroscopic research. It reaffirms once again that serious amateurs can provide excellent research even when limited by time, funding and support. If you have any interest in spectroscopy of the heavens, don't miss this site.