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Resonance Publications Series in Dynamics and Control

Series Editor: Professor John L. Junkins

George J. Eppright Chair Professor, Director, Center for Mechanics and Control,
Department of Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M University,
College Station, TX 77843-3141

Manuscripts Solicited for the Dynamics and Controls Series

We invite proposals for books at the undergraduate level and at the transition level for senior undergraduate/first year graduate level. Of special interest are books that integrate dynamics and controls analysis and methodologies in original and widely accessible ways. We are interested in books that bring fresh approaches to traditional material, as well as books which ‘bring down’ results from the recent research literature so that the ideas can be understood readily at the undergraduate level, with at most senior level preparation in advanced calculus, differential equations, and dynamical systems. It is recommended that in lieu of an abstract theorem-proof-lemma style, that contributions to this series be taught at an intermediate level of mathematical abstraction and make extensive use of examples to illustrate the interpretations, implications and applications of theoretical concepts shortly after introduction. Texts that utilize modern high level software such as MATLAB or MATHEMATICA are encouraged, so long as these software tools do not become hard constraints for utilization of the texts.

Resonance Publications Series in Fluid/Thermal Science

Series Editor: Professor Timothy Wei

Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Rutgers University,

98 Brett Road, Piscataway, New Jersey 08854

Manuscripts Solicited for the Fluid and Thermal Science Series

We are currently welcoming proposals for textbooks at the advanced undergraduate and introductory graduate level on fundamental and applied topics related to fluid dynamics or thermal sciences. We are particularly interested in texts that encourage students to integrate sound understanding of fundamental principles with multidisciplinary engineering problem solving. Such books would present classical theory in new and exciting ways that are accessible to both the future engineer as well as the student interested in pursuing an academic research career. In this context, material should be presented in a mathematically rigorous manner and potentially complemented by the use of modern high level software such as MATLAB or MATHEMATICA. Thought provoking and open-ended example and homework problems drawn from a variety of practical situations would be highly desirable.

Resonance Publications Series in Vibration and Systems

Series Editor: Professor Fai Ma

Professor of Applied Mechanics, Department of Mechanical Engineering,

University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720

Aims and Scope

The purpose of this Series is to provide a platform for the dissemination of information on contemporary ideas in vibration and systems, both in education and in research. By any measure, vibration and systems represent a classical field. Yet, new applications or interpretations have manifested themselves on a continuing basis. There is a particular need for undergraduate textbooks that address new applications such as smart structures, mechatronics, MEMS, and random vibration. Books emphasizing traditional materials are also sought after. The Series takes on an interdisciplinary approach to foster the synergy among different fields. Advanced textbooks and monographs from this series should be of interest to researchers, practitioners, and graduate students in engineering and applied science.