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Welcome to the world’s leading portal for Science, Engineering and Technology.

Resonance Publications has created this web site to address the broad spectrum of interests of both professionals and amateurs in the Sciences, Mathematics , Engineering , Astronomy and Space , Technology , and related fields. Our readers will be exposed to the most exciting and inspirational information and knowledge that we can locate.

Our view of the natural sciences, pure and applied, is from a humanistic perspective. These are social activities and as such interact with all of society. Therefore, as our reader, you will be sometimes surprised at the content and discussion. This is our goal.

In addition to the latest news in these fields, you will find interesting Interviews with leaders in a broad variety of fields. These interviews will include discussions with well-known people, and with people that you may not have heard of, but with significant ideas. In all cases, you will come away with new and interesting viewpoints.

Hardware and Software reviews help our readers judge new products.

Exciting work by some unique Amateur Scientists is presented.

In our Library , book reviews suggest worthy current reading in conjunction with a "must-have" book list. These are books deemed especially valuable because of their content and clarity. A regularly updated series of Links to particularly interesting and outstanding sites is offered.

The latest NASA , and other Space -related, news is highlighted. Available academic and technology job Positions are listed for those looking to advance their careers. And, of course, there is an open Discussion section.

Resonance Publications, in addition, was founded to publish text, reference and other books for the academic and professional market in innovative new ways that bring substantial added benefits and value to both readers and authors alike. Our distinguished Series Editors describe the philosophy of their respective book series for prospective Authors . We welcome your inquiries.

Resonance Publications has previously launched two new e-journals.
Click here for the latest E-Journal News and to visit our E-Journal, E-Print Web PagesClick here for "Call for Papers".

Click here for access to:

The Solar System Development Journal
The Uncertainties in Engineering Mechanics Journal

This site is rapidly evolving, so visit often to find our new features and services. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions on any of our pages, and we will try to respond to all e-mail in a timely manner. We will consider submitted articles and discussions that, in our opinion, are worthy of serious consideration by our readers. We can be found at:

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We shall not forget our fallen comrades.

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(Tragedy and Heroism)



This site was founded in June, 1998 , and awarded the prestigious
Dr. Matrix Excellence in Science award  in December of 1999 .

Resonance Publications, The C# Journal, C# Journal, The C Sharp Journal, and C Sharp Journal, Solar System Development Journal and  Uncertainties in Engineering Mechanics Journal are trademarks  of Resonance Publications, Inc.

Resonance sponsors this site purely as an educational and information resource and  wishes to  respect all copyrighted material, and fully comply with fair use guidelines.  Please notify us of any oversight in this regard so that we may either remove the material in question or include appropriate copyright credit.